Direct Projection Lithography

Direct Projection Lithography

The minimum achievable dimension, namely the critical dimension (CD), together with the multiple exposure accuracy are the most important parameters for the photolithography tools. Our direct projection lithography tools (TTT-07-UVlitho) provides guaranteed 2 um CD (typically 1 um) while the alignment accuracy is up to 0.1 um, which can fulfil most of needs in the research labs. (for better CD and higher alignment accuracy, please contact us).  

Conventional photolithography tool, eg. Mask aligner, request customized photomasks, which is very efficient in mass production, however, lack of cost effectiveness and timely flexibility, any change in the pattern design would request new photomasks. In contrast, any of your design can be realized in TTT-07-UVlitho in one second. Laser writer offers equivalent benefit by cease the requirement to the mask aligners, however, our machine is ways faster while maintaining all the advantages of a laser writer tool. Please Click to download the Product Brochure


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