Multi-function THz Source/Emitter Evaluation System

Multi-function THz Source/Emitter Evaluation System

TTT-OPTP-02 is a disruptive game changer of the field, users can switch the measurement modes easily among:

  • TDS mode, transmission/Reflection
  • OPTP mode, “Optical pump – THz probe mode”
  • TE mode, THz emitter evaluation mode
  • TD mode, THz detector evaluation mode

With an optimized optical structure, THz system has an enhanced stability and better achromatization and therefore a better focus of THz beam. Most importantly, we can achieve ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio (up to 75 dB), excellent stability (<0.5% peak fluctuation) and high reliability, which bringing the THz characterization to a new era. For more details, please click to access the Product Brochure or 产品介绍


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