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PL-3D Premium-DLS (Dual light)

Premium 3D Lithography

The integration of Lithography and 3D Manufacturing, the epitome of high precision .Interchangeable Lens, Multiple Exposure Wavelength(405nm/385nm/365nm), High Efficiency, High Precision,Maximum optical accuracy 1μm.


Complex three-dimensional micro-nano structures in micro-nano electromechanical systems, biomedicine, tissue engineering, new materials, new energy, high-definition display, microfluidic devices, micro-nano optical devices, micro-nano sensors, micro-nano electronics, biochips, optoelectronics and printing There are huge industrial demands in electronics and other fields. However, the existing micro-nano manufacturing technologies are still difficult to meet the high-efficiency, low-cost and mass-scale manufacturing of complex three-dimensional micro-nano structures in terms of technology, productivity, cost, and materials.
Existing micro-nano manufacturing technologies such as optical lithography, electron beam lithography, interference lithography, laser micromachining, soft lithography, and nanoimprint mainly realize the manufacture of 2D or 2.5D micro-nano structures (simple geometric figures), which are difficult to achieve. Realize the fabrication of complex true three-dimensional micro-nano structures. Moreover, these existing micro-nano manufacturing methods also face problems such as expensive equipment and masks (or molds), high manufacturing costs, long cycle times, and few available materials.
Zhique series 3D lithography printing equipment is a micro-nano 3D printing equipment and micro-nano processing equipment independently developed and produced by Toto Technology. It can perform high-precision and high-resolution micro-stereolithography operations.
The minimum optical accuracy of Zhique series micro-nano 3D printing equipment can reach 1 µm, and the high-performance iron-free linear drive motor ensures excellent alignment and overprinting accuracy and provides a large-format three-dimensional structure splicing size of up to 100mm×100mm×40mm. Micro-stereolithography technology based on spatial light modulator (DMD/DLP) has outstanding potential and advantages in the manufacture of complex three-dimensional micro-nano structures, high-aspect-ratio micro-nano structures, and composite three-dimensional micro-nano structures. The advantages of short cycle time, low printing cost, high molding precision, a variety of materials that can be used, and direct molding without masks or molds.

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Key specifications 


Application examples



1.High precision manufacturing

There are three major factors affecting the quality of the 3D lithography: 1. precision of the motion stages, 2. the quality control of optical system, and 3. the target material’s UV sensitivity. On the basis of our UV lithography products, Ploceus® Series are equipped with high-precision stages, high-quality optics and high-UV sensitivity materials, resulting in the ability of manufacturing fine structures down to micrometer level.

2.High throughput

3D lithography creates structure layer by layer, therefore, the fabrication efficiency is fundamentally limited by the lithography speed of each single layer. The Ploceus® Series products are able to achieve high speed exposure through a combination of high intensity LED light source (laser source available in high end versions) and optimally designed optical system, achieving fast 3D manufacturing. Productivity can be further enhanced in the PL-3D Ultra model, which further optimizes the exposure efficiency via scanning technology, ideally suitable for rapid mass production.

3.Versatility based on sample requirement
Ploceus® Series products adopt an optical system that supports software controlled switching between high-speed mode and high-precision mode. High-speed mode is ideal for huge workload while high-precision mode is optimal for fine and complex structures. Our products can manufacture with critical features of 1 μm, 2 μm, 5 μm, 10 μm and 20 μm.

4.Products covered
Ploceus® Series covers the needs of most customers for different precision, productivity, budget, materials and structure size. Please contact us for your most suitable solution.

5.All-round support from the factory
We are dedicated to "Support our customers, empower our customers and develop with our customers". Whether it is the development of new equipment, process optimization of new materials or exploration of new applications, our strong technical team are always ready to provide high-quality services.

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